PCJ Class Representative Elections

Hello, lovely PCJ-ers!

As you all know, we will be hosting elections for class representatives this Friday, September 27th, at 12:30pm in the PCJ lounge. Please see our Facebook event

We are so impressed with the number of you running to represent your respective classes within the executive this year.

A reminder that each of you may vote for one representative within the PCJ class in which you are enrolled. For those who are currently enrolled in more than one PCJ course simultaneously, you may vote for your preferred class representative for both classes. If there are any questions about the voting process, please don’t hesitate to contact us before the election.

If you are unable to make it to the election in person on Friday, we urge you to send your vote in via email to presidents@pcjsociety.ca by 12:30pm at the latest. Please include in your email the class(es) in which you are enrolled.

Without further ado – your candidates!


Alex Parent

“I know I speak for the entire class when I say that’s it’s awesome to be a part of the PCJ program. Looks like those nervous moments of anticipation over the summer paid off! In the short time that we’ve known each other, I feel beyond excited that you are a part of my PCJ class. We’re all so different in our interests and backgrounds, but we all share a common sense of supreme nerdom when it come to global politics! Nerdom strong enough to start a flash mob debate team on the subway, if we were so compelled. The TTC should definitely watch out for PCJ260, oh yes. My strength’s lie in being a relatable and humorous person (don’t tell the NSA), who is able to relay the interests and concerns of others effectively. I worked on the student council at my high school for a number of years, and through that experience I became an expert in gauging what people really want from student representatives. If given the opportunity, I would work on an easy way for the class to share and create notes as well as push for more wacky and diverse PCJ Society events. Currently a karaoke pub night is in dire need! As are movie marathons.

Our PCJ260 class is full of some of the most interesting people I’ve yet to encounter at U of T, and I look forward to an amazing three years with you guys!”

Brian Malczyk

“Representing a group of passionate individuals is a privilege, and one that I would be an honor of having. The class environment presents a unique opportunity to form a connection not only between us, but also one that perforates the university’s many faculties. It is necessary, therefore, that there be a person who facilitates such connections and acts as a point of communication and reference between our class and the administration. Having such a position would allow me to put the collective interest of the class first, and work to positively enhance our journey towards a better understanding of the world. It is a joy to be part of a small, diverse, and charismatic community that shares similar interests. Enriching our future experiences is the main goal of mine, and I intend to fulfill the position of representative by establishing a sense of transparency between us. Study groups need to be formed, and concerns need to be communicated, and there must be an individual who would contribute to the best of his abilities- being passive in such a setting would only be detrimental to us. Organizing a structure to aid us in our intensive academic endeavor is crucial to ensure our success in the Peace, Conflict, and Justice Studies Program, and I feel compelled to be part of the experience by guiding our class in the right direction, and forward into an amazing year.”

Sian Last

“Hello PCJ-ers! My name is Sian (like, Sean) Last, and I am interested in being the PCJ260 class rep. With rumors about the heavy course load, ultra-keen classmates, and impeding death of my social life, I was really nervous about what I was actually getting myself into upon admittance. As such, I walked into the first day of class feeling a bit intimidated.  But, after talked to some of you guys, I am feeling super excited for the program and happy that I will be sharing the next three (probably super grueling) years with people who seem so smart, well informed, and diverse. I am interested in this position, because it is all about organizing events and resources to create community within our year and the program—which I really want to make sure happens….Personally, I’m banking on having baked goods at all the late night cram sessions that I’m sure are coming our way (YAY COOKIES!!). Even if you don’t vote for me, please talk to me whenever! I’m super excited to get to know you guys over the coming years!


Mikhael Haberer

“Applying to a class rep. position is not something I would normally aspire to. Socializing in the open-ended sphere of university somehow comes across as daunting and being a class rep is all about socializing, about connecting with your peers and making them aware of opportunities. I am determined to contend with my apprehensions about getting to know my colleagues and the fear of simply ‘getting involved’. In this vein I am stepping out of my shell and looking to represent the 260 lvl class of the PCJ program. I imagine this blurb is also a pitch to those interested in voting so in lieu of any real personal anecdotes of wisdom I give you this: I am terrified of failure, and thus I must succeed :)

Thank you,

Mikhael Haberer”


Charlotte Smith

“Hey PCJ360!

This year, I’m running for 360 class rep, OMG how exciting! You probably all know me a bit by now, but just in case basically all you need to know is that I do not like spicy food, math, and spiders, but I do like PCJ, Oxford Commas (PC,J!) and you guys! But seriously, you’re all such a wonderful group of guys and gals that I know this year is going to be an amazing time. As class rep I’ll consult closely with you about things you want (like more parties and extended deadlines, presumably) and communicate with the PCJ Exec and our professors, so you can get said things.

I know what you’re thinking: How can she poooosssibly follow the wonderful act that was Stephanie Tran as 260 rep?!?!?! I won’t lie, it’s going to be tough, but I promise to try super hard.




Raagini Appadurai

“As a passionate and engaged student in Peace, Conflict and Justice, I want to be a part of bringing our community of brilliant and beautiful people together in collaboration, connection, and fun! I’m outgoing, involved, friendly, organized, and creative, and I think I would be the perfect person to bring forth opportunities for our class to not only connect and communicate with each other, but also with the rest of the PCJ community. I have a lot of leadership and involvement experience in program and event coordination, marketing, and promotion, making me a total people person with the skills to bring groups together in an organized, efficient, and rewarding way. I’d love to extend this experience to my involvement and love for PCJ and my fellow classmates.

See you guys on Friday!

Peace and Love,

Raag <3″

Vivian Wong

“Hi everyone, my name is Vivian Wong, and I want to be your 460 Rep this year! For those of you who don’t know me, it’s understandable since I don’t talk that much in class-but apparently I do make a lot of faces- that’s what people tell me at least! Anyways, seeing that it is our last year I do want to get involved more, especially in this small-knit group. Over the past few years, I have seen this community grow, and I can sincerely say that the PCJ program is so much more than it is on paper for the friendships, communal experiences (cold sweat, tears etc…) and doctoral-level compilation of notes for our midterm exam (Duffield, Collier, Stedman, Zartman, Galtung, Mamdani, Weinstein, Sikkink, Kalyvas, Kaldor— gotta representtt)! But seriously, it would be amazing to give something back to the PCJ group, and allow me to inform you in all the events that will be going on this year. I believe I have strong work ethic in terms of punctuality, and accountability. If fun was a work ethic I think I would be that too. For anything I do, I take the same proper attitude and responsibility to the job- whether it be for school, a paid job, internships, volunteering or otherwise.So please vote for me for the 460 class rep, you will hear more from me in class, and I, in turn, will of course represent you! :) Simply put, I will do the job.”

We’d like to thank all the candidates, and wish you all the best of luck in Friday’s election.

See you all Friday!

Your loving PCJ Executive

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