Conference Proposals

Just a reminder that Thursday, April 4th is the last day to vote for conference proposals. The voting closes 11:59pm tomorrow! If you have not yet voted and are a PCJ student, please check your email and find the voting link in Monday’s email from If for any reason you did not receive the link, shoot us an email and we will remedy that.

Election Candidates

Hello again PCJ,

The elections take place April 5th @ 2pm in the PCJ Lounge. If you can’t make it to the lounge, but would still like to vote, you can email by 12:00pm on April 5th with your votes. Below are all the candidate statements for the positions that are open! Remember that our class rep positions will be elected in the coming fall term!

Best of luck to all of our candidates!


Ezequiel Lubocki and Scott Dallen

We, Ezequiel Lubocki and Scott Dallen, are running for the positions of Co-Presidents (BroPresidents) of the 2013-2014 Peace, Conflict and Justice student society. The past two years have provided us with an incredibly valuable academic and social experience in the Peace and Conflict community, and we are excited for the opportunity to give back. In the upcoming year, we intend to continue to provide the stimulating environment that we had the privilege of being involved in. As Co-Presidents, we want to gather student input and provide a close relationship between the administration and PCJ students, by doing this we hope to tailor the program to the specific interests of the students. Not only will we continue to encourage student engagement from upper years, we will make a special effort to support participation from the 260-class. We also hope to establish meaningful connections between upper year students and students new to the program through regular academic and social events. Additionally, we hope to bring new ideas to the PCJ society, like creating links with other student societies (like the IR society) through collaborative social events, and lecture series.

We are really excited to continue the traditions of our strong social and academic PCJ society, while bringing our own energy to make it even more valuable for all of the students of the Peace, Conflict, and ‘Justice League’.
– Your Bro-Presidents.

Julia Wilton and Leah Thompson

Dearest PCJ community:
It is with great excitement that we announce our candidacy to become your new Co-Presidents for the 2013-2014 school year. When we started out here at U of T, everything was new, strange, and different. Classes were HUGE, and it was never quite as easy to make friends, get involved, or be the (borderline annoying) superachiever we always were in high school. That is, until we found PCJ. PCJ brought us into a community of high-strung, anxious, determined, passionate, FUN, and vibrant individuals (to say likeminded wouldn’t do us justice) who we have come to love with every fiber of our being. Seriously, we couldn’t live without you guys. Fast-forward to now, and here we are, ready to give every PCJ-er, new and old, the same fantastic experience that we’ve had so far. We want to help foster that tight-knit community that you can only have in a small program like PCJ. We want EVERYONE – the majors, Specialists, AND commuters alike to get the most out of the program, academically and socially. We’ll do our best to provide special opportunities for you to get to know your profs and classmates better (almost to the point of knowing too much), attend awesome academic and social events, and feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself at U of T. Both of us have been involved in PCJ in the past, and we’re really passionate about this program (read: borderline obsessed with). Julia has served as the Communications Director in the PCJ exec, as well as the Administrative Director of the 2012 PCJ Conference (food brought to you by yours truly). She has also brainwashed a large number of Grade 12s and first years into believing that PCJ is the best program in the history of the universe (but it is, obviously). Leah was a panel director at the 2012
PCJ conference, and a proud member of the PCJ social scene. It’s our goal to make this coming year of PCJ awesome for all of us (we’re gonna blow your socks off).

Believe us when we say that we can’t wait to serve you.
Peacefully yours,
Julia Wilton and Leah Thompson


Abeera Khan

Hello PCJ,
I’m running for the Academic Director position. I’ve had a lot of fun participating in the PCJ Conference as panel director this past year, the enthusiasm and dedication PCJ students have towards the program’s ventures is what made the conference so successful. I want to channel that enthusiasm to the upcoming year’s academic events. I want next year’s academic events to reflect the interdisciplinary essence of our program, which means seminars with distinct topics and speakers from a variety of backgrounds. In addition, I want to work with Prof. Wong and Reina to establish more partnerships with organizations to increase internship and volunteer opportunities for you guys, which should be broad in scope and reflect the diverse interests of our student body. As academic director, I will work to make your academically inclined PCJ experiences outside the classroom as thought-provoking and enriching as possible. This includes facebook event cover photos based around seminal public intellectuals like Kanye, Honey Boo Boo, and PCJ favourite Ryan Gosling.
I’ll leave you with an inspiring Kanye quote: “Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights, strobe lights, street lights” – Vote Abeera for Academic Director,
and I’ll help you see all of the (interdisciplinary) lights.

Charlotte Smith

Hey PCJ!
I want to direct you…academically!! Not in like, a weird controlling way though, more in an academically helpful sort of way. I promise. I know our previous academic directors have had huge success getting amazing speakers, professors and generally way too smart people in to come talk to us, and I think this is one of the many privileges we have as PCJ students. If elected your academic director, I plan to continue this tradition and hold fun and informative events, and get some really great people in next year to talk about some crazy cool PCJ things.

Because PCJ is crazy cool. YAY!”


Stephanie Tran

Hey sweet thangs,
I’m Steph Tran and I’m superly duperly interested in running for the position of Social Director on next year’s PCJ Society exec. I have pretty sick game from being the 260 Rep this year, holding down the fort steady throughout while keeping our game real. I’m always down to party hardy, whether it’s
shaking what my mama gave me at the PCJ Formal or reenacting the Blair Witch Project at Hart House Farms. However, years of dancing on my own has gotten a bit tiresome. So, it is my duty as Beyonce’s protege to get you PCJ students to come together to socialize and get some air away from Robarts. I love people, therefore I love you, and thusly we must dance together.

Here’s something special:
Peace, no conflict, just booty,
Steph Tran


Kay Dyson Tam

I am standing for re-election for the position of Treasurer! I want to remain involved in the Society and I thought I could put my capable spreadsheet skills to use in this position. Plus, my re-election would mean we can hit the ground running in September (yes, you can look forward to some wellfunded Frosh week events).
This year, I handled the Society’s money, went to lots of ASSU meetings, wrote cheques, went to more meetings, made sure we were able to pay for the formal, etc. Next year, I’ll likely do more of the same but would like to extend the opportunity to all PCJ students to pitch ideas for events they’d like the Society to fund (as we can never run as many events as we can get funds for). By starting a small fund for “Great PCJ Ideas”, we’ll hopefully host a broader range of events. Let’s get our money working for us.
And Conflict. And Justice.


Sebastian Dutz

As I sit in my room studying frantically for my PCJ260 final tomorrow morning, I’m reflecting back fondly on an amazing year of PCJ activities as a way to stay sane. From weekly bluegrass nights at the Silver Dollar to the recent formal to just hanging out in our lounge, I discovered how incredible our tight-knit community is. I feel it’s a community worth becoming more involved in and am thus running for the position of Internal Communications Officer. I’ve been an active member of the PCJ community this year, attending many events, promoting the program at the UofT March Break Open House, and answering questions at the PCJ society’s own Open House. I also have extensive experience in communication and organization. This year, I was secretary of my college’s athletic association. I know how to take (sometimes humorous) minutes, organize meetings and communicate with an executive team, as well as the more general student population. I would really like to increase my involvement within the PCJ program next year, and feel I am specifically suited to this position.

Sebastian Dutz

Marsha McLeod

Several days ago, very late at night – presumably this aided the thought process – I thought, ‘hey, all this peace stuff? It’s actually pretty awesome!’ But the best part? I don’t even need to be in a hazy fog of delusion to know that everyone who is a part of this community is awesome! So with that, let me be awesome on your behalf as the internal communications wiz of the PCJ Society. I will be able to complete the requisite job – being organized and keeping track of all our booming ideas – very well.

However, I can do other jobs as well, i.e. forcing first-years into becoming a part of the community! This year, I really appreciated the enthusiasm that came from upper-year students as I pondered about how I fit with the PCJ program. In that respect, I think I could be great at convincing others into coming to events and functions – or for all intensive purposes, manipulating others into loving our community. All states need to be a little coercive, no?

Upcoming Elections!

Hey gang,

The time has come for the executive to renew itself. If you’re looking for a way to become involved with the society, we will be holding elections for the 2013-2014 academic year on April 5th at 2pm in the PCJ Lounge. Available positions are as follows: President(s) (one or two); Academic Director; Social Director; Internal Communications Director; Treasurer. The other positions will be voted on come September. If you’re interested in putting your name into the running, all we require are short blurbs as to why you want to run (no more than a paragraph). They’re due to by 11:59pm on Monday, April 1st.

Another successful conference

It’s been a couple of weeks since the conference ended, but it was a raging success. Our keynote speaker, Prof. Saskia Sassen, was surprised to learn that we were all undergraduate students! That’s certainly something comforting to hear from a Columbia professor!

A big thanks goes out to the conference directors this year, Cloe Bilodeau, Julia Deutsch, Alex Dyzenhaus & Alex Goel, for all their hard work in putting it together! And as well a big thanks to their team for helping them throw it all together!

Finally, just a reminder that the conference proposals will be accepted soon! The program as a whole selects, together, the conference proposal for 2014! In the past, proposals have included:

  • a topic or theme
  • a link from the topic or theme to PCJ
  • a list a proposed speakers and panelists (this doesn’t have to be the final list)
  • the basic format of he conference (including, at least, a draft schedule)
  • a draft budget and fundraising strategy
  • a conference team (again, draft list)
  • a summary to be presented to students who will be voting.

This process typically culminates in March and if anyone is interested in submitting a proposal, keep your eyes open for a more detailed and official announcement!

7th Annual Peace, Conflict & Justice Conference

If you haven’t already, check out the conference run by our very own student team! Happening this coming weekend (Feb 1 & 2), more information on the website. Here’s the blurb:

‘The Urban Era’ is a two day conference that will address challenges faced by cities through a comparative approach. The conference will explore how city-level decisions impact governance on a national and international scale.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from your executive! Hope your exams are going/have gone well! Have a good holiday!

Also, in case you missed this in your email, from the Trudeau Centre:

In the new year we will be holding a Welcome Back Orientation on Friday, January 25th, from 1:00-2:30pm at the Campbell Conference Facility in the South House of the Munk School of Global Affairs, 1 Devonshire Place. The Director of the PCJ Program, Professor Wong, will talk about topics related to the program, such as how the transition from the program’s old home in University College to its new home in the Munk School affects the PCJ community. She will also discuss her research (it’s fascinating!) and her experiences in and outside the University of Toronto community. There will be plenty of time for discussion and questions. You can also talk to the program administrator, Reina Shishikura, about graduation checks and other program-related topics.

It is strongly encouraged that you attend. We will be covering issues that are important for your degree, and it will be a great way for Professor Wong to get to know everyone. Refreshments will be served!

Please RVSP by January 23rd to Have a restful break!

The Formal Committee Needs You!

Hey everyone!

Every year, the PCJ Society holds a formal that is tons of fun, and a great send off before the term kicks into high gear. We get fancy according to a theme and party it up together! There’s usually nice music and food, but alas this can’t be done alone. The Formal Committee gets together to figure all of this good stuff out, and we need more people! It’s a great way to get involved (until elections later this year) and it’s a ton of fun!

If you’re interested, please email and you’ll hear something soon!

Movie Night with Prof. Dezalay

  • Where: Munk School, Devonshire – 108N 6pm-8pm
  • When: 6pm – 8pm

We’ll be in Munk School Devonshire, Room 108N from 6pm – 8pm showing “Prosecutor: Law. No Order” which should be of interest to the PCJ260 class. Of course, anyone in the program can come!
Prof. Sara Dezalay will be on hand for any questions you may have! Needless to say, your 260 rep, Stephanie, has been hard at work putting together this movie night! Come on out, we’ll have food and drink!

Inaugural Woods Lecture hosted by the Trudeau Centre

The 2012 Woods Lecture speaker is Professor Kathryn Sikkink, Arleen C. Carlson Professor of Political Science and Professor of Law, University of Minnesota. This lecture will both provide an overview of the main conclusions of Sikkink’s book, “The Justice Cascade: How Human Rights Prosecutions are Changing World Politics”, and update those conclusions with new research conducted since the book was completed.

Earlier in the day,

Using empirical and theoretical examples from Professor Sikkink’s work on the emergence of new norms about individual criminal accountability for past human rights violations, she will discuss how agentic constructivism helps explain change in this case, and could help provide at least a meeting ground for discussions between theorists and practitioners. Between theorists and practitioners.

PCJS Annual Trip to Hart House Farm

What? A night at Hart House Farm with your fellow PCJ students
Where? Caledon Hills, on the Niagara Escarpment; 1 hr away from Toronto
When? November 3rd 11am to November 4th 2pm
How? Check your email for the online sign up form sent out through the listserv (soon)! The early bird price for the farm is $20. Prices will go up during the week prior to the farm.

Now, if you feel as if you need further convincing to go on this amazing trip, we have listed a few key reasons below:

  1. Most importantly, the annual trip to HHF is an amazing way to meet other people in the program, and is guaranteed to be one hell of a time. Some would say it’s the best event we host all year.
  2. It’s an opportunity to get out of the city. We know that you all have crazy lives, and sometimes a break is well deserved. HHF provides a perfect 24 hour break from the hectic life that is being a U of T student. (If you are worried about the prospect of not doing school work during that time, rest assured that there have been people who have done work at the farm in the past. But seriously, take a break.)
  3. There will be amazing food and communal cooking. If you have dietary restrictions, they will be accommodated for. Take our word for it though, the food is awesome.
  4. There is a sauna. Enough said.
  5. There will be at least one ukulele. If you have instruments, you should bring them! Making music is rad.

…this list could go on forever, but we think you get the point. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any exec member! Please keep in mind that this trip is open only to PCJ Students.

List of things to bring:

  • Things you need to spend a night somewhere other than your own bed (ex. sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush etc. – there are mattresses there)
  • WARM CLOTHING. It’s November – ’nuff said.
  • Flashlight/headlamp if you have one (it’s dark in the woods)
  • Practical shoes (it might rain, it might be kind of muddy on the way to the sauna)
  • LUNCH! As PCJ will not be providing lunch on the day.
  • BYOB if that’s what you’re in to. Or cranberry juice, green tea, sprite etc.
  • Water bottle! Stay hydrated!
  • Stuff to work with, if you feel like you need to do some school work
  • Any other things you think would be fun (ex. cards, musical instruments etc.)
Facebook event:
Seriously, it’ll be awesome. You should come.
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