The Program in Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) is now the program in Peace, Conflict, and Justice (PCJ). The PCJ program confronts some of humanity’s most complex challenges. It offers an undergraduate B.A. degree that emphasizes the integration of practical and theoretical knowledge, the interdisciplinary nature of peace and conflict studies, and the value of incorporating research into undergraduate education.

Ninety selected undergraduates gain a wide-ranging understanding of the causes and nature of violence and peace. This degree program, which is guided by three distinct perspectives, moves beyond traditional international studies. It examines violent strife, from war between countries to revolution, insurgency, ethnic clashes, terrorism, and genocide within countries. Students study the underlying causes of this strife, including poverty, resource scarcity, weapons proliferation, competing claims for justice, and failures of foreign-policy decision making.

Based at the Munk School of Global Affairs in the University of Toronto, The Trudeau Centre gives students access to all the resources of the University of Toronto, considered the leading research university in Canada. Access to Trudeau Centre faculty and the broad range of courses and faculty in related disciplines allows students to tailor their programs according to their interests.

More information about the program can be found on the Trudeau Centre’s Program Overview page.

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